Berbera International Airport

تعبيرات سيد عمر

The introduction:


Berbera  Airport is the biggest airport in Somaliland, located near the sea just 9 Km away from berbera located on the  west. the length of the run way is 4.8 Km  and 50 M width.

The temperature is normally 30C except the months of may, June, July and August which is much hotter than usual and averagely 45C.

The run way was built by soviet union in the mid 1970's in order to counter the united states military presence in the region. 1983 USMC field exercise was held in this airport.

It was used as an emergency landing site for the space shuttle from 1970 until 1991  when the government of former dictator Siyad Bare collapsed.

Airport  Service and Structure:

Terminals and VIP lounge:

Berbera International Airport has one terminal, consist of departure and arrival halls and  separate VIP lounge with extra service.
Both halls  and the lounge has well air conditions and all other services including praying rooms, café, shops and well standard clean toilets.
All the airport compound has Wi-Fi internet connection + Tv.

Fire Fighter Category:

Berbera airport has a fire fighter  brigade for the category 6 according to ICAO standard.
And also the airport has a well trained 12 fire fighter staff operate with high morale and discipline .

CCTV Cameras, X-ray machine  and Security:

The airport has operated 32  CCTV cameras and x-ray machine which tightens and improves the security of the airport.
The immigration department of the airport also works computer network with PIRS system plus the finger prints, cameras.


The Staff:

Nearly 200 trained staff operate the airport, with their uniform and ID cards .
They work under five main departments including Aviation, Customs, Immigration, National handling agent, police authority.
Nasha ( National service and ground handling agent:
The airport handling is responsible by private company called Nasha.
They do the off/on loading services plus the passengers boarding .
                             They have well equipment suitable for their service including fork lifters
 having ability to off/on load the bigger cargo parcels . 
The Airlines:

Four international airlines operate the airport including Ethiopian airlines, African Express, Juba Airways and lastly not least Daalo Airlines.
there is also local airlines like Central Air + The UN humanitarian flights.
The airport has serviced more than 120,000 passengers for the last year 2012.


Berbera airport become the natural hub of horn Africa connecting Somaliland to the world and has daily flights from Dubai, Addis, Nairobi , Djibouti , Jeddah , Sharjah , Aden , and Mogadishu.

Tower and Run way:

Berbera tower provides Aerodrome service locally to air traffic  landing and taking off.

Radio frequencies : ( HF, VHF).

High frequency ( HF): Radio are as following.

Regional frequencies :
                               Primary                       11300                           Day time
                               primary                       13288                            Night time

                              Secondary                    5517                               Night  time

Low frequencies radio (VHF):

 Standard 123-9 on daily basis operation and also mounted on RFF vehicle on same frequency.

RFF special frequency is 125-9

Aircraft Fuelling: 

The airport has four oil tanks with the capacity 1200 tones for each tanker.
There is Jet A-1 fuel available at the airport any time, any unit with market price.


Vision and mission:

Berbera is a coastal city located the red sea or the south of the gulf of Aden.
It's annual rain fall is very rare or some times not getting any rain for nearly 3 years.
and temperature is above 45C in the summer, including a hot wind blowing the human and trees which makes the life of the city much harder than expected.
For that condition  the ministry succeeded to cultivate or grow grass and flowers in front of the terminals, this activity was seemed impossible during the planning .
it was mission accomplished and as airport authority, it is a dream come true .
We will try to reach our destination with out any hesitation.

Here is the technical information of the Airport:

Run way 05/23

-Run way surface:                             Asphalt
- Run way edge lights:                     No edge lights intensity

                                            Run way 05                            Run way 23

- Elevation:                                   0                                       0

-latitude :                                    10.376383                      10.401953

- longitude:                                    44.927286                    44.954925

-Glide path Angel:                       0.0 degrees                     0.0 degree

- Approach light system                    None                          None

-  Touch down lights                          None                          None
- Elevation                                           10 M  Above Sea level

    Gratitude and Appreciation:


After the June 2010 election when the new government took power in Somaliland, ministry of civil aviation and air transport (MOCAAT) by the guidance and leadership of H.E  Mahmoud Hashi Abdi has achieved an outstanding development towards  international compliancy.
Mainly the ministry completed  development  projects in Berbera and Hargeisa international Airports.