My excitement and experience of london trip

تعبيرات سيد عمر

 Shocking news and getting visa easily:

After failed to get visa from Swiss embassy in Ad-dis to attend the civil aviation conference in Geneva, I returned to my job with little frustration and suddenly the minister decided to give me an other chance to attend the conference in London.
Adam Smith International send me a ticket from Berbera to Ad-dis to obtain UK visa in Ad-dis.
That days I was very busy to my job, I didn't  check my email for three days.

On 12 April late at night, I suddenly open my email and got a shocking news.
I received an information to go to Ad-dis tomorrow 10:00 AM and all my flight booking and hotel reservation was attached to that email.

I was just lucky enough to manage  that situation, if I have slept that night with out checking my email, my journey to London was cancelled.
It was incredible moment and many thanks to all colleagues assisted me during that trip.

 From Berbera to London:

On 21 April 2013 I traveled  from Berbera to London. my trip was comfortable with Ethiopian airlines business class ticket.
 One night transit to ADD and the second day ADD to London via Rome stopped three hours.
My experience in that journey was incredible, but travelling alone for a long distance is horrible.  I just arrived on 22-April  8:00 PM local time in Heathrow airport.

The seminar in Capthorne hotel central London:

Department of Transport in UK organized the event and invited around 40 Airport managers and civil aviation directors from 15 countries located in the strategic regions of the world.

These countries include Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, South Africa, Libya , Angola , Kenya ,Ghana, Comoros Island, Zambia, Somaliland , Lebanon, Mauritania, Uganda and Tunisia.

The basic agenda of the conference was how to improve the civil aviation security  and share the experience.

And also we learn more about MANPADS ( Man portable Air defense System).

Similarity between London and Bombay:

In my experience of  living four years in Maharashtra state of India and visiting Bombay several times,London and Bombay are very  similar, although London seems a little bit cleaner.
look the below pictures and keep in mind India is colonized by British empire for centuries.

London                                                                                               Bombay

The Chelsea Vs. Fc Basel match ( Europa league semi final):

Since 1999  I have been supporting Manchester united foot ball club and EPL was my favorite.
I was dreaming since my school age to watch one day man united football club, unfortunately I miss that chance during my journey, but suddenly my friend Saeed Dhalah who is die hard supporter of Chelsea book me a  first class  seat for Chelsea vs. Fc Basel semi final match of Europa league.

The first time in my life I watched the football stars running few steps away from me.
The players like Torres,Hazard,Lampard and all other line up players in that match.

The level of football like skills,ability,running is not extraordinary but I have admired the emotion of supporters shouting the 90' minute singing and praising their heroes .
I couldn't believe the match is finished when the final whistle blows, assuming watching just like 10 minutes.

The next day me , Hassan and Muhiyadin Siyad visited Wembely stadium which is modern and beautiful stadium.

My warm reception of Somaliland Community in UK:

Somaliland community in UK welcomed me emotionally.
I receive a hero welcome and they honored me gratefully.
 I really surprised how they were organized, planned and helped me during my journey.

I have to give my tribute and appreciation  to all communities of Somaliland in UK especially those from Marodijeh region.

Especial thanks to women's organization, youth organisations,senior diaspora members who invited me separately and aim saying all to them thank you again.

Shopping and farewell days:

In London there is a small city inside it and called Westfield mall. British people call it mall but in my opinion it is an other city inside London.
You couldn't believe, it is like Berbera City owned by one person. you will find every thing with reasonable price.
My shopping starts this mall and finished it self also, spending three hours inside the mall ,doing the best shopping in my life.
I bought all the gifts to my family  friends, and colleges.

My late arrival at Heathrow Airport:

The last day of my journey  11 may . it was to come to the airport on 6:00 PM but staying that day to my sister  and brother Ifrah Badal Idan and Faysal Abdi Elmi family and my aunts Zahra Omar, Fadumo husen Farah, my cousin Hussein Mohamed Libahoo and his family,  sharing joking , remembering the child hood the family history the hours are running like Mo Farah and just we see the time close to 5:30 PM.

The roads were jump and we met suddenly Chelsea road blocked by the traffic.
 I was just lucky to get that flight crossing all the terminals with seconds, and lastly  was the last passenger to board the flight.

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